Beer + Sodas

Gray's Oatmeal Stout

Rich in color with a strong roasted flavor and creamy texture, the 56 Oatmeal Stout is a true dark beer lover’s beer. Generous amounts of fresh rolled oats, paired with aromatic hops and richly roasted barley lead to the unique coffee-like flavor. The 56 refers to the year, 1856, the brewery was founded by Joshua C. Gray. Today the brewery continues the tradition of brewing big, fresh, flavorful beers.

Gray's Root Beer

An old fashioned family tradition for over 140 years. Uniquely characterized by its bold flavor and creamy head. This thick, rich root beer is made with pure cane sugar and is 100% caffeine free.

Gray's Bully Porter

A classic British style brown porter that at one time was considered the beer of the working class. You will notice a ruby brown body with an aroma of malt and mild roastiness. This style differs from a robust porter in that it has a softer, sweeter and more caramelly flavor. The Bully Porter contains chocolate, nutty and toffee-like undertones with medium to low hop bitterness.

Gray's Honey Ale

Wisconsin’s original honey beer, Gray’s Honey Ale is brewed using locally harvested honey and brewed in small batches to insure exacting flavor and freshness. The generous amount of honey is evident in the unique refreshing flavor and extraordinary aroma. Honey is used as a fermentable sugar source rather than a flavoring agent, as commonly used in national brands. Gray’s Honey Ale is a flavorful refreshing beer.

Gray's Cream Soda

This dark caramel cream soda has been a family favorite for generations. Made with pure cane sugar, the vanilla flavor and creamy texture make this the best cream soda available today.

Gray's Wisco Wheat

This German style ale is a unique blend of Belgium malted wheat and domestic two-row barley. Sporting a slightly opaque, pale straw color, this beer is mildly hopped and has an attractive fruity aroma. Unfiltered, a glass of Wisco Wheat offers an appetizing, tall, white, creamy head. Smooth lemon and citrus flavors provide for a refreshing brew that can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Gray's Orange Soda

A smooth, old-fashioned juicy orange drink, not overly carbonated or sweetened like most mass produced orange drinks. A classic in its own right.

Gray's Rathskeller Amber Ale

A uniquely distinctive ale brewed with a special blend of malted barley and floral hops. It’s characterized by a rich golden color, robust full-bodied flavor topped with a rich creamy head and refreshing aroma. Already a favorite of those who appreciate an ale with real character.

Gray's Busted Knuckle Irish Ale

This Irish Style Ale is a special blend of four types of malted barley and three varieties of hops. It is a medium-bodied ale showing off a deep reddish amber color and thick, tan bubbly head. The aroma is sweet and light followed by moderate caramel-malt flavors with a light roasty finish. Try some and you'll agree, the Irish Ale is the gold at the end of the rainbow.

Gray's Orange Cream Soda


An exacting blend of tasty orange and rich cream vanilla delivers the orange cream’s dreamsicle flavor to the palate. One taste and you’ll know why it’s already achieved legendary status.

Gray's Rock Hard Red

Gray’s most unique malt beverage is perfect for those looking for something light, fresh and bursting with flavor with no bitter after-taste. Served over ice, Rock Hard Red is the perfect beverage for when you need to quench a big thirst. Awards: Fest Of Ale “Best Overall FMB” 2003

Gray's Badger Blaster

Our own high powered energy drink. This great tasting beverage comes packed full of taurine and caffeine to energize your body and get you revitalized..